what we catch...

King Salmon

King salmon


The Chinook Salmon is one of the fastest growing fish in Lake Michigan. In just four years, it can weigh up to 20-30 pounds. This fish is also the strongest fighting fish in the lake. Fishing for the King Salmon can be one of the most exciting things when they hit and scream out line. Once you land your first 20 pound fish with Sunrise Charters you will be hooked for life.

COho salmon

The Coho Salmon is one of the best-tasting fish in Lake Michigan. The action can be fast as you can see in the picture. They run in big schools its not uncommon to sometimes get doubles triples and quads. Fishing for them can be very fun and rewarding with the number of Coho's you will put in the cooler.  They are known to bite best from May - July.


The Rainbow Trout are the most acrobatic fish in Lake Michigan and are Captain Brent's favorite fish to catch. We typically fish these fish in deep water but only fish the top 50 feet of the water column sense they tend to eat bugs. You can't beat the way rainbows hit and jump out of the water immediately. This hard-fighting game fish gets its name from the beautiful colors that shine on their skin. 

LAKE Trout 

The Lake Trout is the oldest and only native fish in Lake Michigan. They love cold water and typically they lay on the bottom. We use different tactics to catch them. Way different then the we fish for Salmon and Rainbows. They make an outstanding smoked fish.  

brown trout 

Brown Trout is another great fish to smoke and can be caught all year long.  Ask Captain Brent about winter trips. Milwaukee is one of the world's best locations to catch them.